“LABELS” Installation at Bentley Gallery

Labels: An Installation by Denise Yaghmourian

Yarn, thread, tissues, wood hangers

March 16 – April 15

Denise Yaghmourian: Labels have been used as a means of discrimination for thousands of years. They often serve to further dangerous distinctions society imposes upon people. Labels can separate people and push them apart.

My piece is a commentary on how humans have the need to labeling one another. I have witnessed adults and children label each other with specific words. Sometimes labels are intended to encourage, yet may cause a child to feel pressure to fulfill expectations.

Other times labels are simply based on a person’s own ideas and perceptions. Either way, it seems that labeling puts a person into a category or a box. Often they (especially children) feel the need to live up, or down to expectations. Studies have shown that children who are labelled “slow” or “brilliant” will often follow those stereotypes, even if the labels have been randomly assigned.  

Labels don’t cause inequality. People do.