The Buffalo Girl Art Auction…. ding! Third Round!

Practical Art

So far, in our rundown of works featured in the Buffalo Girl Art Auction, we’ve seen artwork by Randy Efros, Paul Porter, Linda Ingraham, and Jordan Alexander-Thomas. Since the auction is Thursday, and that’s less than half (!) of what we have to show you, we’re startin’ Monday out with a full trio of artworks! Take a peek, fall in love, and think about buying a ticket to pen in your bid.

JER_12Denise Yaghmourian is a local artist who is the epitome of involved; look up ‘community spirit’ in the dictionary, and there’s her picture right beside.  She’s a Contemporary Forum grantee, represented locally by Bentley Gallery; she’s participated in INFLUX, is active on Grand Avenue, performs regularly at the Torch Theatre… I could go on. On top of all that, she’s just lovely– warm and charismatic. I first became familiar with Denise and her art when Jane…

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